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"I was very skeptical when my friend convinced me to try Varckette Family Chiropractic. I thought that after many visits to neurosurgeons, my herniated and degenerative discs were going to be something I was just going to have to live with. In July 2009, a series of activities caused me to have a major flare up. After rounds of prednisone, physical therapy, steroid injections and prescription arthritis medicines, I really thought the pain was going to just be a way of life. I had given up running and lifting weights and was very limited in the exercise, and just routing life activities, I could do because of the constant pain. Going shopping, lifting grocery bags, planting flowers were all actives I could no longer do, and at 41 I was not ready to be that limited! My close friend convinced me to give Varckette Family Chiropractic a try. After meeting with the doctor and reviewing the treatment plan, I really began to hope that once again I would be able to be pain free and resume a normal lifestyle. It is now 2 months since I first began treatment and I am better than when I was before the flare up last July. I am back to running and lifting weights and am pain free. Most importantly, I am not taking any medicines and have learned better ways to sit, work and stand that will continue to help me maintain a active, pain free lifestyle. I would highly recommend Varckette Family Chiropractic to everyone."
Marci A.

"I came to Varckette Family Chiropractic a few years ago after my lower back pain had escalated to severity. After a handful of visits, my back was fine. In hindsight, I should have made the visit to Varckette Family Chiropractic before I wasted money on heat wraps, ben-gay, new mattress, Vicodin, doctor visits, etc. When my three year old daughter hurt herself in dance class, I didn't even consider any "mainstream" options. Two visits to Varckette Family Chiropractic and she was as good as new. When my newborn daughter became "colicky", the doctors told me to bring her in. I was a little hesitant, but after a little research, my four week old daughter was getting adjusted. After the first visit, her incessant crying was reduced by 90%. She slept better and smiled more often. Most people assume a Chiropractor can help with back pain, but colic? I guess the bottom line is I would trust Varckette Family Chiropractic with anything pertaining to the general health, or well being, of myself, and my children. My family and I will be patients for life!" 
Kirk P.

"Before coming to Varckette Family Chiropractic, I had heard horror stories about chiropractic and was very reluctant to receive any treatment. Varckette Family Chiropractic has dispelled all these myths with excellent patient care and treatment. They have accomplished what none of the other health care professionals could, and that is restoring to me a better quality of life, to function normally." 
Ella K.

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